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ATS provides your company with all of the tools necessary to help you with your Vehicle Maintenance Tracking  requirements.

Vehicle Maintenance Tracking regulations set forth by DOT requires all Motor Carriers to maintain accurate Preventive Maintenance records for all vehicles.

Some of the powerful tools included in the Vehicle Maintenance Tracking module of the ATS Application Suite are:


PM Schedules can be created and shared among all fleet vehicles

Automatic WO Creation based on Miles, Engine Hours or Date

Automated alerting lets you know when PM is due on a vehicle

Track PM Schedules by Location, or Company

Easily track purchases and costing used in Work Order


Along with all of the Vehicle Maintenance Tracking tools included in the ATS suite of Applications, there is also an extremely sophisticated alerting system which can alert an unlimited number of internal company employees of impending Preventive Maintenance needs.

The alerts that are contained in the Vehicle Maintenance module can be sent to the designated employees by either email, text messages or both.

The ATS PM Schedule Entry System allows the user to select how an item is to be tracked and monitored.  The choices include tracking by ODO Reading, Engine Hours, or Date Due. When an item in the Preventive Maintenance Schedule is due, the system automatically creates a Work Order and alerts the designated employee(s) that maintenance is due on a vehicle. The Vehicle Maintenance Tracking Modules in the ATS Application Suite provides your company with a comprehensive sets of tools to help you with all of your Vehicle Maintenance Tracking needs.


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