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ATS provides your company with all of the tools necessary to help you with your Automated IFTA Tax Reporting.

State Mileages are automatically calculated, Fuel Purchases can be easily tracked and IFTA State Tax Rates are automatically updated when released by IFTA.Org on a Quarterly basis.

Some of the powerful tools included in the Automated IFTA Tax Reporting module of the ATS Application Suite are:


Multiple Ways To Track and Enter Trip Information

State Mileage Totals are Automatically Calculated

Fuel Purchases can be easily tracked

IFTA Tax Rates are automatically downloaded when released

State IFTA Tax Reports using One Click Technology


Along with all of the Automated IFTA Tax Reporting tools included in the ATS suite of Applications, there is also an extremely sophisticated alerting system which can alert an unlimited number of internal company employees of new tax rate downloads and impending state tax reporting requirements.

The alerts that are contained in the Automated IFTA Tax Reporting module can be sent to the designated employees by either email, text messages or both.

There are two ways to enter Trip and State Mileage in the system.  The first allows a company to enter all Trip Detail which can then be used to track all trip, mileage, fuel, and customer information.  The second entry system allows the user to simply enter state totals at the end of each quarter.  It all depends on the amount of data the user or Motor Carrier would like to track. The Automated IFTA Tax Reporting Modules in the ATS Application Suite provides your company with a comprehensive sets of tools to help you with all of your Automated IFTA Tax Reporting needs.


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