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E-Track Certified™ by ATS is an ELD Certified, cost effective, state of the art, Electronic Driver Logs Application that will simplify the new complex rule sets that have been released by the DOT. 

There is a lot of automation incorporated into the e-Track Certified™ Driver Application.

A Driver could essentially go through their entire day without having to worry about changing their duty status or updating their logs.  The application takes care of all of that for the driver.

The Driver Daily Logs that are included in the e-Track Certified Application are ELD Compliant, capturing all of the necessary data that are now required on the logs by the regulations.

Yard Moves and Personal Conveyance are two (2) new Duty Status Entries that have been included in the mandates and are listed on our Driver Logs.  The legend at the bottom of the log shows the notation lines used for each.

e-Track Certified™ also includes the Wait State Line on a special driver log that is used for the Oil Well and Drilling Industry.  This extra line is called the 5th line and is part of the application.

Stay in compliance with new DOT regulations using e-Track Certified™ by ATS! Call us today at (570) 309-0060