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ATS provides your company with all of the tools necessary to help you with your Drug Consortium.

Random Drug Consortium testing is performed on a Quarterly basis using required Drug / Drug & Alcohol testing percentages as set forth by DOT Regulations ensuring DOT Compliance.

Some of the powerful tools included in the Drug Consortium module of the ATS Application Suite are:


Triple Random Selection Process ensures compliant results

Alerts are triggered when selection process has completed

D&A Testing procedure handbook is available for printing

Employee Drug Testing Request Forms can be printed

Timely Reporting complies with DOT Requirements


Along with all of the Drug Consortium tools included in the ATS suite of Applications, there is also an extremely sophisticated alerting system which can alert an unlimited number of internal company employees of impending random drug test selections.

The alerts that are contained in the Drug Consortium module can be sent to the designated employees by either email, text messages or both.

The ATS Trip Entry Module will allow users of the system to enter and track drug and alcohol testing results, automatically issue follow up testing or place an employee into Out Of Service Duty Status (OOS). The Drug Consortium is automatically run at the beginning of each quarter, alerts are sent when the selection process has been finished, random selection results can be viewed through an application interface, and employee random drug test requests can be printed right from within the application. The Drug Consortium Modules in the ATS Application Suite provides your company with a comprehensive sets of tools to help you with all of your random drug testing needs.


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