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Drivers know at a glance how they are doing as they go through their day using the Driver Dashboard.

Drivers know quickly the status of any of the Daily and Weekly Windows they must keep track of.    Color coded status indicators let the drivers know ahead of any compliance issues.

All the hourly, daily and weekly windows that a driver must keep track of as they go through their day are displayed on the bottom of the screen in a well organized, easy to follow grid.

As a driver goes through their day, whenever any of the cells in the driver grid falls below 1 hour by default, the cells will turn yellow.

At the same time, an alert is sent to whomever is designated to receive the HOS Alerts.

If a driver goes over any of the daily limits (ie. drives more than their allowable daily limit), the cell turns a bright red.

Color coding these cells allows the driver to quickly see how they are doing as they go through their day.

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