e-Track Certified™
e-Track Certified™
User Friendly, Affordable, State of the Art, ELD Compliant!

ELD Compliant HOS Solution

DOT Final Rules have now been written into law and added to the Federal Registry.  Rules that have been in place for many decades have now been changed, disrupting the entire Transportation Industry.  The days of Paper Logs are almost over. 

Motor Carriers will soon be required to equip all of their vehicles with ELD Compliant Solutions that enable drivers to produce Electronic Driver Logs.


e-Track Certified™ Electronic Driver Logs by ATS is the answer!


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e-Track Certified™

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e-Track Certified™ Advanced Features

Advanced Driver Dashboard
Drivers know at a glance how they are doing as they go through their day using the Driver Dashboar...
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Integrated DVIR
Integrated Vehicle Inspection (DVIR) e-Track Certified™ has an integrated Vehicle Inspection Repor
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Electronic Driver Logs
E-Track Certified™ by ATS is an ELD Certified, cost effective, state of the art, Electronic
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Integrated IFTA Module
Much more than just a simple State Mileage Report The IFTA Fuel Tax Module is an add-on serv
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