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State Specific HOS Rule Sets

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ND - North Dakota

OH - Ohio

OK - Oklahoma

OR - Oregon

PA - Pennsylvania

RI - Rhode Island

SC - South Carolina

SD - South Dakota

TN - Tennessee

TX - Texas

UT - Utah

VT - Vermont

VA - Virginia

WA - Washington

WV - West Virginia

WI - Wisconsin

WY - Wyoming
KY - Kentucky

LA - Louisiana

ME - Maine

MD - Maryland

MA - Massachusetts

MI - Michigan

MN - Minnesota

MS - Mississippi

MO - Missouri

MT - Montana

NE - Nebraska

NV - Nevada

NH - New Hampshire

NJ - New Jersey

NM - New Mexico

NY - New York

NC - North Carolina
AL - Alabama

AK - Alaska

AR - Arkansas

AZ - Arizona

CA - California

CO - Colorado

CT - Connecticut

DE - Delaware

DC - District of Columbia

FL - Florida

GA - Georgia

HI - Hawaii

ID - Idaho

IL - Illinois

IN - Indiana

IA - Iowa

KS - Kansas
Each state must follow the Federally Mandated HOS Rule Set that had been established and put into effect on July 1, 2013.  However, some States have adjusted the rule sets that will be enforced in their respective states.

Click on the State you want information on below.  You will be redirected to the DOT Website for your chosen State.
Stay in compliance with new DOT regulations using e-Track Certified by ATS!
Driver Log Book Requirements     |     Industry Segment HOS Rule Sets     |     State Specific HOS Rule Sets
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