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Although we recommend the use of Android Compatible Tablets with at least a 7" screen, the e-Track Certified HOS Application will run on most mobile devices.

ELD Certified Hours of Service Solution

DOT Final Rules have now been written into law and added to the Federal Registry.  Rules that have been in place for many decades have now been changed, disrupting the entire Transportation Industry.  The days of Paper Logs are almost over.  Motor Carriers will soon be required to equip all of their vehicles with ELD Compliant Solutions that enable drivers to produce Electronic Driver Logs.

e-Track Certified™ Electronic Driver Logs by ATS is the answer! 
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ELD Certified Electronic Driver Logs Solution
e-Track Certified™ by ATS is the most cost effective, State of the Art, Automated Electronic Hours of Service Driver Log Application in the Industry that meets all of the new and existing DOT Regulatory Mandates.

Electronic Driver Logs - Integrated Vehicle Inspections and much more

e-Track Certified™ gives GPS Providers and Resellers a value added offering for their clients that helps the Motor Carrier and Drivers alike with total DOT Compliance!
Device Independent HOS Solution
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Stay in compliance with new DOT regulations using e-Track Certified by ATS!
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Establishing strategic partnerships with qualified GPS Providers and GPS Resellers remain our primary means of distribution Electronic Driver Log Application.
Opportunities currently exist for qualified GPS providers and resellers to partner with ATS, integrating our state of the art automated Hours of Service Reporting & Driver applications as an add-on service you can make available to your clients.
We take Customer Support seriously and are responsive to our customers needs.
We make certain that our Customer Support Department is highly responsive to ensure all customer needs are met in the most efficient, and timely manner possible. 
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Electronic Driver Logs
ELD Certified and AOBRD Versions Available
The iOS Version of our e-Track Mobile HOS Application is available and AOBRD Compliant.  This means that Motor Carriers can continue to use this version until December 2019 prior to switching to the fully compliant version. 
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Much more than just a simple State Mileage Report

The IFTA Fuel Tax Module is an add-on service to the e-Track Certified Application Suite.  Several useful reports can be printed including Mileage Reports by Vehicle and Fuel Type.  Summary and Detailed Reporting is available along with Quarterly IFTA Tax Reporting.
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IFTA Fuel Tax Reporting
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